Lola – Stream-based Runtime Monitoring

Lola is simple and expressive stream-based specification language: it can describe both correctness/failure assertions along with interesting statistical measures. It combines the ease-of-use of rule-based specification languages with the expressive power of heavy-weight scripting languages or temporal logics previously needed for the description of complex stateful dependencies. The language comes with two key features: template stream expressions, which allow parameterization with data, and dynamic stream generation, where new properties can be monitored on their own time scale. We give an overview on the development and the current state of our tool in addition to a series of applications, which demonstrate the capabilities of the specification language Lola and its descendants.


The tool is available pre-compiled for MacOS X and Linux. Please download and extract the respective zip file. For MacOS a working swift environment is required, for Linux the folder contains all necessary dynamic libraries. Make sure that those are visible when executing Lola.


You need to provide a valid Lola specification using the -s option. Additionally, you can provide a .csv file using --csv, otherwise the standard input is used.

The provided folder contains sample Lola specification and a .csv file containing product review data from amazon which can be found here.

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