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Embedded Systems – Exams

Open Book Exam

The exam will be open book. That is, you are allowed to use printouts of the lecture slides, books, and any handwritten notes during the exam.

Exam Dates


To pass the course you need to pass at least two of the three exams. In order to be admitted to the exams you must hand in solutions to the exercise sheets and show up at the discussion slots. You may miss up to two of the discussion slots without loosing your exam admission. If you miss more discussion slots you will need an appropriate excuse.


In case you pass the course, your grade will be the average of the grades of your two best exams.

Exercises and Projects

You are expected to solve the problems of the weekly exercise sheets. These problems may consist of theoretical exercises or of practical projects.
You need to hand in the theoretical exercises in the post box in the base floor of building E1.3 by Wednesdays.
Practical exercises should be sent by mail to