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Welcome to the Reactive Systems Group at Saarland University


We are located on the fifth floor of building E 1 3 on the Saarbr├╝cken campus of Saarland University (how to reach us).

Winter term 2014/2015

Summer term 2014

Lars Kuhtz receives Dr-Eduard-Martin-Award

Congratulations! Lars Kuhtz has won the Dr-Eduard-Martin-Award for his dissertation Model Checking Finite Paths and Trees . This thesis presents efficient parallel algorithms for checking temporal logic formulas over finite paths and trees, including an AC1 (logDCFL) algorithm for linear-time temporal logic.

Leander Tentrup receives FdSI Bachelor Award

Congratulations! Leander Tentrup has received the FdSI Bachelor Award for his Bachelor thesis “A compositional proof rule for Extended Coordination Logic”. Coordination logic is a temporal logic that reasons about the interplay between behavior and informedness in distributed systems. The thesis presents a compositional proof rule and a transformation of formulas of Extended Coordination Logic into prenex normal form.